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Thread: searching for consistent good cups!

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    searching for consistent good cups!

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    Uhmm, still trying to discover the cause for occasional bitter taste in my coffee. I use a Quaha Napoletana (aka Mokita Super Inox, Nemox Fenice or Dell Opera, or Lelit Combi). I use a double pf, with around 20gm beans.

    Ive read about different brew temps (too cool and coffee tastes sour; too hot and it tastes burnt); Im aware that if you brew too long then you get nasty tasting alkaloids. I usually do a double basket, and collect coffee in 2 cups - in parallel you might say. This week Ive tried running the usual 30ml in both, and in the last couple of days just collecting around 15ml - before the coffee starts losing intensity of colour. Not much change in result doing this. This morning I tried sampling coffee serially - get 30ml in one cup using both outlets on the pf; then another 30ml in a second cup. This was interesting - the first cup had really nice flavour (perhaps no surprise), but surprisingly neither cup was bitter. Both were drinkable, but the first was yummy!

    Ive used the same batch of beans so all through this, so todays result was not due to fresh beans. This also means that beans are roasted ok (you cant get good coffee from bad beans ... think Ive heard something like that before??!!); so my conclusion is that there must be some variations in the brewing. I use the same amount of coffee each time; grind is the same; the water is the same - at least for 4 or 5 days; so Im getting down to temperature, or some other variable I may not know about! Is this time to consider pid?

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    Re: searching for consistent good cups!

    This response might be too late... (ie date of your post) but check your dose accuracy (within 0.03g shot to shot) and tamping pressure (weight of about 7kg, shot to shot) consistency. Get a set of scales that go to 0.01 gram for the dose checks, and pull out a set of bathroom scales for the second.

    Also cease the pour at the onset of blonding. The shot colour goes from dark brown, to caramel, to blond. Blond = bitter.

    Your grind will need to edge finer as the beans age, otherwise youll find your shots blonding earlier and earlier.

    Im hoping that you found the comprehensive answers you need between January and May 2009 under the section Brewing Equipment for the price category of your kit. ;)

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