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Thread: correct coffee & water mix for french press

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    correct coffee & water mix for french press

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    need some help here, what is the correct mix for coffee & water when using french press to make coffee for 1 to 2 person. I have a solis grinder & a 3 cup French press just to get me by for this month.

    I think the grind size should be much bigger than for espresso & water temp somewhere between 92 - 94 degree celsius, I let it rest for 4 -5 minutes without stirring it , am I correct?

    I have tried using 14g of El Salvador coffee beans per 300ml of water but the taste is rather weak .

    any suggestion would help. Thanks

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    Re: correct coffee & water mix for french press

    Hi Summercrema,

    Luca posted a link to a great video about brewing for plunger a little while back.

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    Re: correct coffee & water mix for french press

    For me I grind fairly fine at about white sugar consistancy while I have seen others grinding (comercially) at more like raw sugar size. My preference is finer grind 2-3 minutes and 6g/100g (approx). Finer grinds more (and nicer) flavour in less time but a little sludge in the bottom of the cup.

    try these few links and the new manual brewer section

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    Re: correct coffee & water mix for french press

    I normally use 14g of beans to make 250ml of coffee in the plunger, although if you are making multiple cups together then it gets a bit stronger.
    You will find instructions from various experts on how long to brew it, varying from 90secs to 5 minutes.
    Try them all out and then decide which is best for you.
    The grind can also make a big difference.


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