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Thread: Australian Bundaberg Washed

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    Australian Bundaberg Washed

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Ive finally got around to (over)roasting the above from my original starter pack ages ago. What should I expect? I was too busy drinking a Smirnoff at the time and forgot to check it. Looks like it was into rolling second (bit smokey, but seemed to be caught in time, still 10%lighter CS10 beans in it) although couldnt hear too many cracks. Probably finished around CS11, definitely not CS12.

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    Re: Australian Bundaberg Washed

    I had a laugh i find this funny as last week i was roasting up my last 200gms i had and was drinking a beer and also let the roast go over what i normally do. Good thing was it tasted fantastic, but is all gone now :(. I would really love to get some more of this bean

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    Re: Australian Bundaberg Washed

    I found this coffee had no outstanding distinguishing characteristics in milk drinks unlike other SOs Ive tried (about 12). It didnt occur to me to try espresso - I was sampling it as part of my wake-up morning zombie double ristretto based latte routine and ran out of the small amount in no time at all.

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