Ok here goes never had a crack at this before so excuse my own jargon.
24 hour post roast Bin 35 roasted to about CS8 very first snaps of FC.
This is the lightest roast I have ever done (on purpose anyway).

Syphon = Coffee in after top chamber full and at 85ish, fairly brisk stir then no more stirring at all.
60 second steep on low heat.
Poured in to a non heated cup to cool a little.
Aroma in cup: Sorry I could not smell alot to be honest so I wont make anything up.
First sips, palate adjusts to coffee taste then well "cherry ripe bar" came to mind first, kind of sweet berry or cherry with a hint of dark chocolate. Mid cup a little cooler, leather (dont know if thats good or bad) but definately a leather taste. Towards the end of the cup just warm now, toffee milk bar. Must be on a diet and craving chocolate bars ;D
Anyway thats it ! This is one of my all time fav beans so I was very keen to try in this method (hense the 24 hr rest time) and it was great.
Open to any comments or suggestions,