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Thread: coffee rest time...

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    coffee rest time...

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    hey all
    through various reading and talks with roasters & Baristas Ive begun to question what the optimal rest time for beans are... and whether different beans will need longer rest. Ive tried to test this my self and am finding that sure enough the rest time seems to be different for each bean.
    has anyone any idea of a formula relating to..
    -bean density,
    -roast depth, or
    -moisture content,
    that would shed some light on this dilemma... even your experiences as to rest time youve allowed.

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    Re: coffee rest time...

    Hi Joe

    If there is a formula for optimum rest times I wouldnt trust it. Some people might enjoy a particular roast on day 1 while others prefer the same roast at day 20.

    A roaster may give you a guide. I know I do this but always qualify that as being my own personal preference. What YOUR taste buds happen to decide is really the best yardstick.


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    Re: coffee rest time...

    Hi Joe,

    have read of these threads. I reached the conclusion that there is no absolute answer BTW *;)

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