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Thread: PNG Peaberry

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    PNG Peaberry

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,
    I roasted this one 3 days ago as per my previous roast post here;

    My amateur palate cant detect any fruits, berries etc. yet *:-/ but I can say that it appears a much cleaner cup than the Ethiopian Harar I just finished. Smooth coffee without the earthiness of the Ethiopian. My wife said it wasnt as strong either but we both really enjoyed it. I had it as an espresso through Silvia and she had it through the aeropress. And it seems I also have to adjust the grinder to grind a bit coarser as well for it. Curious to know how this coffee generally ranks amongst the snobs here?


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    Re: PNG Peaberry

    Hi Bill
    I normally leave them 5 days to degas

    Do you know how to do cupping as this is where you will identify the flavours


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    Re: PNG Peaberry

    Thanks KK, that was an interesting read. I think Ill leave the cupping to those that can. Im still at the stage where I like or dislike. ;D


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