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Thread: Jamaican Blue Mountain

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    Jamaican Blue Mountain

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Simply a lovely coffee.

    Roasted to CS9+, rested for 12 days, this morning it worked wonderfully as a short black and with milk. One of the better coffees I have had.

    However..., the current Ethiopian Gambella Sundried, which was this mornings other coffee, was not that far behind the post overall, and certainly beat it in the lovely chocolate overtones department.

    ...and yesterdays Yemen beat them both. And this is before we even start to go back over this years other coffees!

    Im glad I bought this kilo, and will certainly enjoy it to the last drop, but I wont buy it again, as there are simply too many other great coffees at a fraction of the cost. It stands out, but then, so do many other coffees.

    If you havent tried it, I recommend you get a kilo. I think of it as a rite of passage, to have roasted your own Blue Mountain beans. After you have enjoyed it, and you certainly will, you will realise how superb many of Andys other choices are.

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    Re: Jamaican Blue Mountain

    Well said.

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    Re: Jamaican Blue Mountain

    I had a little bit of JB left over and a little bit of Hawaiian Kona (another expensive bean) left over. Blended them at 75% - 25% and got a great result.

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    Re: Jamaican Blue Mountain

    Best bean Ive had in the aeropress, not a particular standout as an espresso. Mild & smooooth.

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