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Thread: Cupping basics

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    Cupping basics

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    OK, I have been asked to provide some feedback on a new blend.

    So I am here for some advice for a long time coffee drinker but first time "cupper"

    Is there a specific technique for cupping(brewing not the tasting)

    And once that is done what are the techniques for the tasting side, do you draw air in ala a wine taster, should the tasting be done staright out of the machine or should the coffe be allowed to cool, obviously not to room temp.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    PS, Silvia and Compak grinder will be used to pour.


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    Re: Cupping basics

    where abouts in Oz are you? Some of the roasters do offer cupping session so it would be worthwhile getting to one.

    As to feedback on an espresso blend then perhaps cupping as per the SCAA is not what your after. If they want feedback on how it tastes in Milk, Long Black and as an Espresso then cupping is of less value than just throwing it at a machine will work fine.

    If you have several versions of the same blend roasted differently or in slightly different portions and you are being asked which one is better then cupping is the right way to go about it as you are looking for subtle improvements or differing characteristics and drinking it over milk in particular will mask those small variations.

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    Re: Cupping basics

    Cupping doesnt involve use of an espresso machine. At least not in the traditional sense. You want a much lighter roast than normal, medium grind. Brew temp water, in the right ratio of coffee to water. Steep for 3 mins. Break crust etc. Google is your friend.

    This article will help a lot:

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