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Thread: India Madikeri A

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    India Madikeri A

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    I couldnt find a thread on this. Its over a year old now and has been sitting around in the bottom of my stash for most of that time, early roasts I did of this I think were too dark/too fast/not gentle enough and the had a not very pleasant ashy bitterness. So since then Ive consistently passed over it in favor of other coffees.

    Well its all I have left and Im drinking it today. Since the first time I roasted this Ive introduced a bean cooler and Im also using gentler profiles all round with slower ramps to first crack. 3 or 4 days post roast (Im not good with this kind of thing) its still a little bit fresh, but Im really enjoying it.

    The crema on this coffee is AMAZING, Its threading a line somewhere between something you drink and something you eat. Its coating my tongue like warm whipped cream. As I said its fresh so the acidity is very present but it also has some pleasant notes and a nice deep, coffee aroma. :)

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    Re: India Madikeri A

    Id also given up on this bean. After your comments, I think Ill include it in the next roast. Cheers muppet!

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    Re: India Madikeri A

    Are you talking about the madikeri robusta which has been on BeanBay for a while, or an arabica which I havnt seen?

    Bitterness and ashy hints at robusta

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