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Thread: Australian MTC D10-107 Honey

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    Australian MTC D10-107 Honey

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    During the recent banter about the question of the cost of the Australian MTC D10-107 Honey offered during the last green Bean Bay sell-off it was (politely) suggested that the answer was best found in the cup. *[smiley=smiley.gif]

    The following are my impressions having roasted my 1st batch:

    As Andy suggested the green beans were very clean, although bean sizes did vary a bit and it was not as good looking as say the PNG Wahgi AA.

    I roasted them to a little past the start of second crack. first crack at 14.40 mins, second crack at 18.43 mins, (about CS9), and kept them sealed up for about 3 days before opening.

    What hit me firstly was the aroma of the beans when I broke the seal, and since then everytime I loaded the grinder hopper and ground. In fact I started thinking I was being seduced by the "Honey" in the name, and it was all my imagination, so asked my partner to verify it was not wishful thinking. She smelt it as well. There is a fleeting waft of what I think is Honey every time, and not something I have detected before.

    Now my formal "cupping" experience and knowledge is basically zilch, so be kind. My partner drinks only neat espressos, and she has found it to her liking. Not too acidic or bitter and very smooth, and best of all each shot has been consistently so. So thumbs up from her. (Phew! as some cost justification was required).

    I found similiar results with an Espresso. I also had it as a Capuccino and while maybe was a little low on acidity to cut through the milk a bit, it was still excellent, and once again consistent.

    Sorry Im sure expert cupping practices would have found all sorts of berries and other characters. What I found was an excellent experience both before and in the cup.

    I probably could fiddle around by blending something slightly more acidic with it for the milk based drinks, or possibly blending with a lighter roast of the same. But think I might just stick with what worked for now, and Njoy the rest. *[smiley=thumbsup.gif]


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    Re: Australian MTC D10-107 Honey

    Re: milk and acid.

    I hate acid beans in milk coffee--it tastes like sour milk to me. When I find the coffee isnt prominent in the milk mix I just reduce the amount of milk!


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    Re: Australian MTC D10-107 Honey

    My wife just described this as a lovely desert coffee. Sweet and light in the mouth.

    I just changed from PNG Waghi AA (which is awesome) so it probably is a fair description.

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    Re: Australian MTC D10-107 Honey

    Tried some on the weekend, only one day post roast.

    The aroma! Smelt like leatherwood honey. Mid body slightly sweet.
    This is one special coffee. Most coffee to me has a few tastes and aromas. This one sparkles. Delicate and complex. Like the difference between raw fruit and cooked.

    Why pay $100/kg for JBM when you can have this?

    Top job and thank you on getting this bean Andy.

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