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Thread: Haiti Grand Cru

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    Haiti Grand Cru

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Wow, this one really stretches my ability to describe what Im tasting..

    Just finished a piccolo latte of this, at two days post roast.. It roasts VERY evenly, with a light tan line down the middle. Yummmmm
    I think Ive found a new favourite to add to the list.

    A hard to pin down, lightly sweet aroma from the bag, almost floral (but not citrus). I think it reminds me of the smell of some delicately flavoured lollies I once had as a kid.

    Mid body, smooth, and I would say earthy in a nice kind of way (not funky like malabar). A longgggggggg aftertaste, almost chocolatety. Its great as an espresso too, particularly for those that normally would drink their coffee without milk.

    Is it worth the extra $$$. I would say YES!

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    Re: Haiti Grand Cru

    i agree, when i roasted it, i thought i could smell the strawberries and cream lolly, but a very faint version of it. i made a few in the machine this morning for friends who normally have sugar, i told them i put some in (but didnt) just to gauge their reaction, they loved it, thought it sweet as.

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    Re: Haiti Grand Cru

    I made a shot with this bean today, 12 days post roast, and it was simply outstanding.

    I dont know what most recommend with beans from this part of the world but from now on ill be resting this one for a good chunk of time before cracking it open.

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