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Thread: Kenya Kandara

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    Kenya Kandara

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    well this was amazing! so sweet, i couldnt bring myself to have it with milk at all. as a double ristretto my first thought, believe it or not, was mmm breakfast wine! it needed a coarser grind at first, but then came back in a bit by day 14.

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    Re: Kenya Kandara

    Quote Originally Posted by 577E7B4D5F77776061120 link=1297739118/0#0 date=1297739118
    mmm breakfast wine
    Yeah, I can see that! Very sweet but still retains lots of acidity.

    Its a great single origin plunger coffee too.

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    Re: Kenya Kandara

    So if it makes a great SO plunger coffee, would that mean it would make an outstanding Pourover ;D

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    Re: Kenya Kandara

    Did 2 x 1.25 kg roasts in the Torre. First, I found sc at 218, so I did it again and pulled it a minute earlier (time about 15 min) at 213. I had the intention of blending the 2 roasts. That was untill I tried the lighter roast as an espresso on day 3 today. Still a little early I know. But it was fruity with a lemony zing, with a lingering aftertaste.
    I thought about dialling back the grind, but dosed down instead. I will shelve it for another few days.....if I can. Back to Peru/Ghimbi blend.
    Next week will be camping with the aeropress. That may be perfect timing for the lighter roast.

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    Re: Kenya Kandara

    What profile should this be behmord on?
    I usually go for p2/c on the 1lb setting, but am wondering if anyone else has roasted this in the behmor and can give some tips?

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    Re: Kenya Kandara

    bit the bullet and did a 350g lot in the behmor
    P2 / 1 / C setting with 40 sec of open door at the end of FC
    touch darker than my usual roasts (around cs10 as opposed to cs9)

    tried it about 4 hours post roast, no bitters, sourness or other weird qualities from such a fresh roast that I usually encounter

    was a nice warming brew as a long black, easy drinking like a good wine on a sunday arvo :)

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