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Thread: Java Ijen Sundried

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    Java Ijen Sundried

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    I just had my first taste of this bean. Had it as a picollo latte. It was roasted just four days ago in the Behmor. It was quite bubbly in the crema (due to being overly fresh), but tasted amazingly creamy, and smooth. Lingered in the mouth, and had a nice balance of sweetness. It had been roasted just into second crack, then cooled quickly.

    My partner mixed it with some Double Dutch Pure cocoa for a mocha, and I had a sip, which just blended perfectly.

    Im thinking this bean would blend very well with a punchy bean such as Ethiopian Guna Limmu or Malawi Nayika AA, but is still great as an SO.

    Its a shame theres none left in beanbay (ie har har I got some and you didnt :) )

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    Re: Java Ijen Sundried

    I enjoyed this one, too.

    Its a subtle, smooth, well balanced SO, although i think itll be best served in a traditional mocha java blend with a gutsy, earthy Ethiopian or Yemeni bean.

    Looking forward to trying such a blend.

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