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Thread: Mysore Nuggets

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    Mysore Nuggets

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    This is my first roast of a coffee snobs coffee and wow, it was a surprise. Most of the time I have to work at slowing the B&D popper down but it was a cool night and these little gems took their time quite nicely. As the second crack started the colour was still quite a lot lighter than I imagined theyd be so I let it continue well into second crack. Cooling was quick - cold night air.

    I let them rest for 36 hours and gound some tonight. Unfortunately my Faema is out of action so my only option was the french press.

    The result was good - not quite the little dark shot of joy I love, but in the absence of the Faema it was a good cup of coffee.

    Lots of richness at the front of the palate and balanced acidity - will be having again for breakfast.

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    Re: Mysore Nuggets

    My 2 cents on the mysore nugs:

    I just roasted some of this too (48 hours ago) and had it this morning, espresso with milk, (but not too much). I find it to be quite subtle, no citrus like the png beans i have had, and no deep nutty/chocolate flavours like south american beans i have had.. though I didnt use too much milk the coffee tasted quite millky. so its quite a smooth coffee and it was very nicely balanced, almost like a blend without being a blend.

    i didnt roast this very darkly, maybe city+ or full city. the beans are nice and light, sort of bouncy, with very little oil on the surface after two days. left them in a jar with paper and a rubber band for the first 24 hours, then put the propper lid on after that.

    got a great espresso shot from my la pavoni lever; came out orange and frothy with huge glossy crema.

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