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Thread: Mexico Yeni Navan

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    Mexico Yeni Navan

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Awesome coffee!!!

    A real dark CS10 roast brought out a brooding beautiful shot with loads of cocoa. Yum :)

    I have never seen so much oil come from a bean, is it just the dark roast that causes that?

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    Re: Mexico Yeni Navan

    This would have to be my fave bean at the moment, and going by friends comments, i think it has really stood out.

    In the kyocera at work, the aroma is amazing, colleagues have commented that it should be bottled. either in the plunger or as espresso, the body and flavour are of such quality that sitting down is necessary!

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    Re: Mexico Yeni Navan

    Pulled a few hundred grams of this thru the Izzo Lever, it was very nice! Worked well as an espresso and cut the milk test as well.

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    Re: Mexico Yeni Navan

    Got some of this at the last melbourne pickup in May

    Did my first roast about a week ago, even after only a couple of days resting really good solid coffee

    Dont do milk drinks much but this would easily go with milk

    Smells amazing freshly ground, with a lovely bold and full flavour in the cup, another great value bargain thanks to Andy

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    Re: Mexico Yeni Navan

    Absolutely love this bean - took it to CS10 and was great to drink from 3 days after roasting. Really nice evolving flavours out to Day 12. Will be roasting more tonight.

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    Re: Mexico Yeni Navan

    I just happen to have some of this at around 11days old at the moment and quite like it, but feel there is something missing. Am thinking of trying in a post-roast blend with some Indian tiger mountain roasted 3 days ago as I have a hunch the two may work well together. If not, nothing lost except a few grams of beans.

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    Re: Mexico Yeni Navan

    Im on my second batch of MYN. The first batch I took to about CS9, but it was a little grassy and lacked depth to me. Im drinking the second batch now (almost CS10 and day 7 since roast) and I am enjoying it much better.

    Quote Originally Posted by 69616F67657F7F636F670C0 link=1286922018/5#5 date=1312026601
    Am thinking of trying in a post-roast blend with some Indian tiger mountain
    I was thinking the same thing WM, probably fire up the popper and knock out 100g of Sumatran aged late pick to experiment with. Im hoping the MYN will surprise me in the next week or so, but I get a feeling it may be a base rather than highlight.

    It could be just me though, at the moment I seem to be enjoying darker roasts better than the lighter ones.

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    Re: Mexico Yeni Navan

    Quote Originally Posted by 6146424D7C61464251230 link=1286922018/6#6 date=1312032042
    at the moment I seem to be enjoying darker roasts better than the lighter ones.
    Slightly off topic, but I did this slightly accidentally a couple of weeks back. Roasted some KJM Blend a bit darker than I normally do.

    I didnt like it, the first time Mrs KJM & I had a latté together. Mrs. KJM commented how much nicer it was than the last one!

    So I did an espresso of the dark and the normal. Interesting. Different flavours, both nice. I reckon it is the "difference" that hits other bits of the brain and arcs up. I suspect if you just did darker roasts for a while and then went back to your normal roast level, youd have the same experience!

    Just my $0.02 observation..


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