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Thread: Panama El Huacal

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    Panama El Huacal

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,

    I just bought some of these Panamas but havent had a chance to roast them yet. Anybody tried them? Any comments on what theyre like or recommendations on the roast profiles?



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    Re: Panama El Huacal

    Hi TD,
    Ive done a couple of roasts with this, the most recent being 250g in the I-coffee as part of a post-roast KJM blend. As a single origin latte I find it a bit underwhelming (CS9.5ish at start of 2nd crack 17 mins), maybe not enough acid? Better in the aeropress as a long black with tiny amount of milk. The blends Ive made with it have certainly been fine, but I dont have a sufficient control sample to comment on the role of this bean in the blend.

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    Re: Panama El Huacal

    I found it flat in the aeropress at a similar roast, CS 9 (start of second crack @ 15 min in drum roaster). SO espresso not too bad. Thinking much lighter roast next time

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    Re: Panama El Huacal

    Thanks for the feedback guys, Ill try to get a roast done tonight and see how it goes... Might try something just short of second crack.

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    I initially found this to be pretty underwhelming as an espresso or in milk-based drinks when I was taking it a little past second crack on a Corretto (and then on a Behmor). Looks like the trick for a great espresso-based drink is a little bit of a lighter roast (as suggested) combined with a tight pour. Roasted 2x batches of 300g in the Behmor on P2/1lb/A and stopped with a little less than 4 minutes left if I recall correctly. This was a little before second crack and came out ~CS8. Great shots after 5 days or so producing a really intense chocolate flavour with subtler more exotic nutty elements. I'm going to try blending with some Sidamo Guji and see if any magic happens.

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