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Thread: Kenya Murang'a AA

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    Kenya Murang'a AA

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    I'm still learning to discern the characteristics of coffee, but i've just cracked this one 8 days post roast and nearly nailed the first shot. I tried cupping this (a first for me) along side 3 other beans a few days ago to taste the differences but find it hard to describe from that as i don't drink black coffee very often. Although there were obvious differences. Anyhow.

    I had this as a double shot flat white and found that it had very good body, well rounded, and i could actually taste Chinese five spice at the end, with dominance on the star anise. This drank similar to one of my favorites, Indian Mysore Nuggets, but with a bit more complexity.

    Immediately one of my favs.

    Oh, this one was roasted to CS9 maybe bordering 10.

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    Did a roast of this on the corretto, brought it to around a CS9 and couldn't resist trying it 3 days later. Would have to say this is my new favourite. Love it!

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