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Thread: Ethiopion Gambella Sundried

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    Ethiopion Gambella Sundried

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Wow! all i can say is I am am in love with these beans!
    roast to just prior to second crack, these are now two weeks since roast and believe me they ROCK!
    Lots of body, chocolate notes and sweetness. Not a hint of bitterness, just smooth liquid GOLD !
    I am using the presso at work and every cap just floors me,
    I am making them for everybody in the office and they are just as stocked

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    I have ordered some of this.

    Has anyone tried this in a blend?

    Will try these roasted to just before second crack to get the balance of chocolate, sweetness and fruit.

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    On the Baby roaster I take it into second crack, otherwise I find it lacking. The further (darker) you go, the cocoa notes predominate. I have taken it into rolling SC and had interesting results. The roast was dark, but not charcoal like some Sthn Italian roasts. The beans were shiny and oil soon appeared. There were no ash flavours, just tonnes of cocoa as the beans aged. It lacked body (to my palate) at this roast level, and was blended. It was still a smooth espresso on its own. Blended with a lighter roast (espresso blend) it yielded a nice latte that tasted of milk chocolate, and left a very long lingering chocolate taste. I experimented roasting darker with a few types of beans, and am slowly reducing the roast times to find the sweet spot.
    This bean does need at least 10 days rest, even when roasted darker.

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    Thanks again Bosco for your feedback.

    I'm not a fan of taking anything into rolling SC. However, the baby roaster does give good results with beans taken right into second crack compared to other roasting tools. i will do a sample roast into rolling SC as well as a sample at the first snaps of second and then cup the results.

    Just to show another example of how everyone's palate is different. I have pressed my friend whom i roast for, to try and enjoy his coffee with my C9s, after a length of time of going thru a couple of kilos, he wanted me to go back to C10s simply because he prefers them in his milk coffees. They tasted bolder, stronger, great with the two teaspoons of sugar in the latte. Each to their own.

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    Finally got around to trying these today and 7 days post roast and they may be my new go to bean. Made a fantastic doppio ristretto but an equally great latte base.
    I'll be interested to see how they settle over the next week.

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    The "poor mans Yemen.........." How close is this to the last lot of my favorite bean of all time - Yemen Bani Ismail? Any thoughts? The dry-processed beans certainly look almost as ugly in the BeanBay pic!

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