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Thread: India Mysore Nuggets

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    India Mysore Nuggets

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Been sitting on these babies for awhile now (no pun intended) - but have kept them stored in an airtight container to keep them fresh so to speak

    Anyway, just got back from six weeks in Bali (yay!) and found myself in dire need of some caffination - so i grabbed the first green beans that I could get my hands on threw them in my popper - which I had preheated for about a minute

    Then about six minutes later they were good to go - light roast for filter

    I waited as long as I could (about two hours) before grinding them up and then chucking them in a pour-over, preinfused for 30sec to allow the grind to 'bloom' then topped with boiling water off of the boil and waited for another 2 minutes

    And the result?

    Spicy and savoury aromas on a big and buttery palate - in a word delicious!

    Had a few friends over in the arvo and had enough roasted beans left over to go another round which was the perfect pick-me-up considering that my flight was rescheduled three times and I was severely jet lagged - but flagging no more!


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    Did you try the blended Ice coffee in Bali?

    they do a really good one, perfect for a hot sleepy afternoon

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