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Thread: Costa Rica Tres Rios Sundried

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    Costa Rica Tres Rios Sundried

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    7 day post roast, espresso:

    Red apple skin / sour cherry. White sugar sweetness. Tart fruity sweet. Finishing with a dusty cocoa toast.

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    I roasted 300g last week in the Gene Cafe to the very first snaps of second crack. I pulled a shot of it yesterday and this morning 9 days post roast and was very pleasantly surprised. Sweet, good balanced acidity to the sweetness, light citrus, velvety moussey mouthfeel. Very yum. Went back out and roasted some more for next week.

    Shots were pulled on Izzo Alex Leva, temp 122 degrees, 6 seconds pre infusion, 30-35 second pour.

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