I've been wanting to try a Rwandan coffee for a long time and I finally got around to getting some recently. We don't see much Rwandan coffee here so this is pretty much the only option. I roasted my first batch last week and have been trying it in different ways over the last few days. I haven't tried it as a filter coffee yet so I'm looking forward to giving that a go tomorrow. Anyway it's pairing surprisingly nicely with milk, both on its own and in a blend. It's giving the cappuccino a really nice, strong sort of savoury-sweet touch. I finally got to having it as an espresso today and again it was really nice. It unsurprisingly reminds me a bit of a Burundi that I've had before. It's more subtle than the Kenyans that I love, but still very nice. It doesn't have that really pronounced sweetness that is typical in the Kenyans I've tried. I'll add some more descriptive notes when I've tried it some more, but so far it's an enjoyable coffee.