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Thread: Costa Rica Cafe Hermosa

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    Costa Rica Cafe Hermosa

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Has anyone else been enjoying this bean? I roasted 200g of it last week and then forgot I had it sitting in the cupboard. Tried it today at day 8 and it is absolutely gorgeous in a FW and pretty good in an espresso as well.

    In the FW it is smooth and velvety, and a lovely sweetness early on the palette. I am afraid I am not great at picking/describing all the flavours but would love to hear others feedback on this bean.

    When I roasted it I had made the comment that I may have gone a tad light with it, but it just goes to show to always taste. I went with a basic profile, P1 all the way (Behmor), with FC at 10.55 and then pulled it at 13.00. Nice and easy to roast as well with a very distinctive and strong FC. I have just put another 400g in the behmor today to make sure I have plenty on hand for next week.

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    thanks for the post been pondering what other beans to get and was previously recommended this bean.
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    Cafe Hermosa is an marvelous bean, really enjoying it. Have been doing roasts with 1 kg Hermosa as a base and blended with a small combinations of Indo Sumatran, Rwanda Nyungwe and PNF Wahgi.


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    yep, I usually go for Ethiopian beans and not much else, my personal preference. However when I first tasted this I was totally WOW'd. I love it. I love it as much as my fav Ethiopian beans! Definitely smooth, velvety as you say, sweetness that reminds me of caramel. Definitely worth grabbing this bean, it's amazing. I think my standard for it was a P3 in the Behmor. I'll have to buy some this week to remind myself ha ha ha.

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