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Thread: China Dai Muang Lem

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    China Dai Muang Lem

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    No thread on this one yet?

    Roasted yesterday in an unusually large batch to 1 minute post FC.

    This morning, off the grinder the smell already hinted at a more Southeast Asian profile, and indeed the mouthfeel had that winey pungency, although more muted than Indonesian varietals. A long finish with plenty of acidity. The nose reminded me a bit of the Turquino. I think I'll try and take it darker next time to balance this out with some caramel/chocolate, although it seems a good fit for the "hipster" roast (very light, for a punch of espresso acidity).

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    I've done 2 roasts of this bean. One to just post 1st crack, and the other pulled at the very first sign of 2nd crack. I found that the extra depth made a huge difference in a latte. The lighter roast tasted muted and just didn't have enough to cut through milk. The darker roast was much better. Not a stand out bean, but certainly very drinkable, pleasant caramel/choc flavours.

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    Yep - a little slower and darker makes a lovely choolatey bean out of these ones ...
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    Does anybody happen to have a bit of background information on this guy? I'm looking hard for processing method/varietal/altitude etc but I can't find anything anywhere!
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    Tried it today a few days post roast - took it to 220c in the Corretto. Not a fan of the espresso but it works very well in milk as a latte. Tempted to go to 225c as that tends to be more chocolatey. For $9 a kilo it is something I intend to order more of, though. One of the better single origins in milk for people who like drinking house blends I reckon.

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    So, I did a bit of Googling; Dai Muang Lem, Dai refers to the local inhabitants( ethnically related to burmese/lao). Muang Lem is part of the Pu'er district, famous for its aged teas, in the south east of Yunnan province. In Yunnan they grow mainly Catimor hybrid. Catimor gives best yields between 700-1000m altitude, with yields reducing and quality/variatal distinction improving above these heights. Pu'er sits around 1300m hence the higher grade of this bean. Cheers, G

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    I roasted this in my Hottop to about 205C just before second crack.

    I think it is a very nice drinking bean either in cappuccino or as a long black. I haven't tried it as an espresso yet.

    Overall impressed with this bean and the price. I will probably buy more of this.

    After using the Sulawesi Blue it required no change in setting on my Mazzer Robur.
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