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Thread: Error 7 KJM Blend for filter

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    Error 7 KJM Blend for filter

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    So, 2 weekends ago I was happily sitting next to the Behmor while it roasted one of my standard espresso blends (120g Eth. Yirg, 100g Peru, 100g Sulawesi Blue, 80g random Central American). I got carried away with the crossword I was doing and just missed hitting 'start' after the safety warning 75% of the way through the roast. Thankfully at the time the cool cycle kicked in first crack was well established, and while the beans were very much under-roasted, I though I'd just keep them and try them out. Took them into work with my V60 and OE Lido-ET, and set a pretty coarse grind. While the coffee brewed a little too quickly, the resulting cup was the best pour-over or drip filter that I've managed to produce.

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    Gotta love those fortunate mistakes!
    I'd like to hear your notes putting it through as espresso though

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    Haha that's awesome, crosswords can be engrossing! Gotta love those fortunate mishaps!

    I've been experimenting with much lighter roasts for filter, my latest one was literally 5 seconds into rolling FC... absolutely delicious, no sourness or grassiness, just incredible sweetness..!
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