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Thread: Tanzania Tarime Organic

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    Tanzania Tarime Organic

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Yes they were a motley collection of beans. I removed about a teaspoon of beans out of 330 grams, mostly just cosmetic defects not many actual bad ones. Scale still said 330g afterwards so not a statistically significant number.

    After an extra long 14 hour rest, a very nice cuppa... nice crema, nice mouthfeel, notes of coffee, caramel and... more coffee. At this stage of aging I'm getting a similar result to say the Colombian Galeras Especial - notes mainly of coffee. Which is my favourite sort of coffee note, apart from maybe blueberries. Will be interesting to see what notes come up after a week or so.

    Grind level 18 on the Niche Zero.
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    It's great to get a coffee that tastes like good coffee...
    I've just got a bag of this and will be roasting up some soon

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    These beans are crema monsters. I use 80ml espresso cups and can only just fit a 50g (weighed) double shot.
    This is with beans roasted a week ago and using a spouted portafilter.
    If I tried to pour a double using a naked portafilter it would overflow the cup.
    I don't usually get this much crema unless a little Robusta is added.
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