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Thread: Jack Danielís Barrel Columbian

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    Jack Danielís Barrel Columbian

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I managed to score a bag of this for Christmas and Iím having a great time with it! Roasted with a fairly gentle profile taking it to just before second crack. As Andy said, it is roast-by-numbers, as it is quite like the decaf and fairly dark to begin with.
    Super strong JD aroma on the greens, which then persists throughout the roasting process. Milder once roasted, but still prevalent (more in the aroma than the flavour, which is a fairly typical light & bright Columbian with good crema). It gives a lovely strong flat white with an Irish Coffee type feel, but without the wobbles!
    Obviously a bit of a special treat at the price - but an interesting concept for storage for those with access to some second hand distilling barrels... maybe some cherry or orange liqueur barrels could do some interesting things!
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    Sounds awesome Matt...

    Who'd a thought that this hasn't been done before, seems so obvious after the fact...

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    I've had fun playing with it too.
    The JD and the oak flavours come through on all brew methods but more on filter and cold drip.

    Did a batch of cold drip and its one of the best cold coffees I've ever had and worked as black or white really well.
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