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Thread: Yemen Matari 05 crop...

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    Yemen Matari 05 crop...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I had a couple of kg of this still hanging around and ran it through the preheated Gene at 250 deg, dropped to 222 at first and last and pulled just into second at around 18 minutes...

    In the grinder, fragrance leapt out as soon as it hit burr...I drank it today- as a long black.

    This bean has matured wonderfully with superb mellowed dark cocoa, a little earth and cabernet like berry/wine notes. I noted muted acidity and it still has beautiful body but is way more refined than it was when young. I think it may be a top runner for my favourite cup this year.

    It just goes to show that beans can age gracefully and if anything, I like it even more. I think I have revisited the grange of coffee and will be sad to see the last of the batch go.


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    Re: Yemen Matari 05 crop...

    Twas a great bean for sure Chris, 8-)

    Ran my batch of this beauty out a couple of months back but still have a couple of Kilos of a very nice Ismaili tucked away... ;)


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