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    Lightbulb Documentation forum README

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    In case anyone missed it in the forum description this is a home for any documentation relating to the equipment in the parent forum. This area is for documentation only! All discussions should be held in the parent forum.

    Appropriate documents for this area include all the usual suspects such as installation, operating, and service manuals. Additionally items such as schematics (Including hand-drawn ones.), specifications, or How To's for the mods we all love so much would also be at home here. Documents are not only text but can also be pictures, audio, or video files.

    Did I mention that this sub-forum is not for discussions!?

    The title of your post should contain the brand and model of the machine/device and what type of documentation your post contains. i.e. Acme's All-in-one-gadget Installation Guide.

    If anyone runs across a post containing a document they think should be included here send me a PM with a link to it.

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