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  • 30 mls

    hi this is one of my first post so please take it easy on me

    today when i hoped onto a coffee machine  i noticed that the pour was blonding for a long time before the machine stopped and was wondering for the 20-30 seconds for 30 mls rule would you say that it is including crema or without ?

    thanks for the help

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    Re: 30 mls

    Welcome to CS!
    Are you using fresh beans? Stale beans blond earlier. If you dont put enough coffee in your portafilter that can also cause early blonding.
    For me I normally go for colour rather then the specific rule of 20-30sec for 30ml. I just use that as a guide line. Im fairly sure the 30ml is including crema.



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      Re: 30 mls

      Sounds like you just pressed a button.
      As CK said, fresh coffee is a must.
      I too go by colour.
      If I accidentally dosed a gram or two less it would blonde if I was pouring by water volume.
      I always pour using the manual button.

      If it blonded a LONG time before the pour ended it does sound like the beans werent fresh or the grind was too course.


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        Re: 30 mls

        or too fine, if your coffee is coming out in longer than 30 seconds then itll blonde before the 30 mls is up. especially in a double handle


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          Re: 30 mls

          It may also depend on how you drink your coffee. I like my straight ristrettos pulled earlier than ones that end up in a piccolo latte.