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Going unpressurized: *longer* shot times?

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  • Going unpressurized: *longer* shot times?

    The unpressurized baskets for the 800ES arrived today! Combined with the now-departed nasty cold and the new grinder, plus some nice fresh beans ... woo hoo! Time for a nice cuppa.

    The first one came out nicely, though actually a little slower than on the pressurized baskets (over a minute as against 25 seconds!); the second one likewise. Thats ... odd. I would have expected a faster flow for the same beans, grind and tamp as yesterday. Any ideas why this might be the case? Even accounting for minor differences in tamp, I wouldnt expect it to make *that* much of a difference in the shot time.

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    Re: Going unpressurized: *longer* shot times?

    Keep your tamp pressure and dose constant, and then adjust the grind to get to your preferred time. I had an ES800 and with the Krups double non-press basket my tamp was 16kg. Remember, now you are using real baskets, tamp, grind, bean freshness and dose size will all have an effect on the shots. Once you get the hang of it, you will be getting much improved results over the pressurised baskets. Keep at it,


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      Re: Going unpressurized: *longer* shot times?

      I have not personally seen either of the baskets you are using, but it is quite possible that the new unpressurised ones can hold more...which would lead to longer pour times.
      If you have access to some electronic scales that measure to fractions of a gram this is relatively easy to check.
      Consistency in dosing sounds easy, but takes a bit of practice, especially when you change from one basket to another.
      Sometimes it is just a change in weather or the difference between a freshly opened bag of beans (where they were nicely sealed up before, now some air has got in..) and so on.

      Some weeks I can go for days with same grind setting, other weeks I seem to be chasing grind setting back and forwards, and one notch on Rocky can make a significant difference to pour time.

      Keep at it and it will soon make more sense.



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        Re: Going unpressurized: *longer* shot times?

        Yes, the basket does hold more than the single-shot pressurized one -- of course! Should have thought of that.