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  • Water

    One quick question, Do i want minerals or not, for the water I use for my VBM DB Super?
    and what are the substances that causes the scale building up?

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    Re: Water

    Have a read of Jim Schulmans Insanely Long Water FAQ. It will tell you all you want to know, plus more.


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      Re: Water


      Firstly the substance which causes the scale is calcium and magnesium carbonate... the chemicals which cause water hardness.

      Large amounts of these will cause scale to be deposited.... but small amounts improve the taste of the coffee. Also with machines which have auto fill the presence of some dissolved salts are required (definitely doesnt have to be the two above) so the auto fill will work.

      So distilled or demineralised water is not a good idea! What you need is softened water using a special filter or even a Brita jug.

      Depending where you live.... Melbourne and Sydney have pretty soft water.... Adelaide is hard and here in Perth it just about has rocks in it!!!....... the filter will need to be replaced more frequently. Also country areas often have hard water....

      So yes, you want minerals, including a small amount of those which cause the scale for the best tasting coffee.


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        Re: Water

        Thanks for asking the question Freddiman, Ive been wondering about water too.  Every now and again theres a day when theres so much chlorine in the tap water that it smells a bit like a swimming pool.  That cant be good can it?  :P  

        I was thinking of getting one of those Britta filter jugs for the coffee machine so Ill do that tomorrow... thanks JavaB.



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          Re: Water

          Any cheap carbon filter will take out the chlorine--and you are correct--its not good (or healthy either!).
          If the mineral content is too high then mixing rainwater or demineralised with the tap water to get the ideal concentration (about 45ppm IIRC) is a good method.
          In Adelaide, according to the SA Water website, our average concentration is about 400ppm, although it varies according to season and reservoir.