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Barista experience needed - will work for free!

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  • Barista experience needed - will work for free!

    Hello all. Ive applied to quite a few places looking for barista experience stating that Ill work for nothing as I need experience in a medium or high volume coffee environment (so I can apply legitimately to places who are after experience). I currently make coffee for clients at a photographic studio but this is usually two or three at a time. I have a certificate from a city training institute and my coffee skills, consistency, attitude and customer service exceed 90% of most coffee venues. Willing to work as assistant etc. Prefer reasonable riding distance from Melbournes east and would prefer replies from coffee venue managers or owners.
    CS moderator if this is the wrong place for this please let me know - thanks and regards, Vic.

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    Re: Barista experience needed - will work for free

    You shouldnt have to work for nothing; I know its illegal in NSW.

    When I was out of work last time I talked myself into a barista position.

    He di9dnt want a bar of me when I aswered the first question "How much experience do you have?" with a "Nil".
    But I convinced him to let me drive the machine to make him a coffee.
    Id only used a commercial machine before at my course, but all the practice on the Expobar paid off and after seeing the coffee we sat down and talked.
    I got to show him my certificate and pictures of my Expobar and Macap grinder.
    When he realised that was my home equipment he thought I was crazy but realised I was passionate about coffee.

    I got the job.

    Do you think people will let you practise on their customers so you can get a job somewhere else? Even working for nothing?

    Its been a while since Ive been to Melbourne but from what I read coffee shops there are on every corner and every second shop in between.
    Surely you can find a job somewhere?