hey all,
After cupping 100% Kona for the first time a few years ago, i was taken back by a recent cuppings difference, and have to say my opinions changed! Originally i found the coffee overpoweringly smoky, with a huge earthy body. Smokiness, not being a personal taste, i was put off. after a recent cupping, Ive a new found respect for this controversial little coffee!
The coffee was completely different, much of the smokiness gone, replaced by a woody & earthy aroma, the coffee had a lighter mouth feel, and a fruity sweetness. the body too had dropped. i was amazed and convinced it was a different coffee! The roaster told me that the roast was much shorter, dropping the Beans shortly after first crack. Apparently a few island coffees share this need for delicate roasting and i was wanting to hear from anyone else whos shared such an experience?