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Open Source CS Brown Blend?

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  • Open Source CS Brown Blend?

    I was thinking this morning that wouldnt it be interesting to be able to buy a coffee blend made up of beans we have easy access to with details on how it was made by a commercial roaster.

    Given the difficulties in roasting enough and trying all of the different possibilities in blending, I think this would be an excellent way to improve both roasting and blending practices amongst CS roasters.

    The way I imagine it might happen, if it ever did, would be something like the following:

    Andy roasts the Green Bay beans as usual but after roasting/tasting/photographing, if there are suitable candidates, comes up with a reasonalbe blend and offers that on Brown Bay along with roast instructions.

    Its not something I would anticipate every months, but every so often, and perhaps with regularly available beans.

    Andy, would you be interested in doing something like that?

    Would anybody other than me be interested in buying Open Source CS Brown when buying Green?

    I dont expect traditional commercial roasters to give up their trade secrets, but I can see this way to help educate the enthusiast and speciality coffee community. After all, we dont have access to the exact tools and equipment commercial roasters do.


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    Re: Open Source CS Brown Blend?

    Its a great idea, but it does come down to more work for Andy, who already seems to do the work of ten. (Watch him respond to this post even before I hit the post button.)

    CS has offered a number of pre-blends in the past, but I guess that thats a different concept.




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      Re: Open Source CS Brown Blend?

      Yeah, I realise its more work for Andy, hence why I asked for his input.

      Im hoping its not too much extra work and would be worth benefit to everyone concerned.