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  • Coffee roasters

    Just wondering if anyone knows how many coffee roasters there are in Australia?

    Im having a discussion with friends and arguing about how many there are in this country.

    Does anyone know thee answer?

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    Re: Coffee roasters


    Seriously, what are you actually trying to find out?
    Commercial, Specialty, Artisan, Home or a combination.
    Are you after a figure within a couple of hundred, or is there beers resting on the result?

    Its a kind of vague question.


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      Re: Coffee roasters

      i can advance on that.


      Oh sorry, this isnt the rich list? :-[

      How about starting with an online search of yellow pages and then make an estimated guess at how many more there may be, plus as suggested, narrow down the type to commercial.



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        Re: Coffee roasters

        I roast a little so that makes at least 10.

        Seriously though....

        Originally posted by domaca kava link=1231379791/0#0 date=1231379791
        Just wondering if anyone knows how many coffee roasters there are in Australia?
        My guess would be the answer is no.
        Noone knows how many coffee roasters there are in Australia.


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          Re: Coffee roasters

          If you really, really want to know, telephone Cafe Culture magazine and ask; they have statistics on that sort of thing for the roasting competition that they run. I think that they get something like a third to half of the nations roasters entering. I cant remember the figure that they band about, but I think that their information is that nationally there are between 250 and 500 roasters.




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            Re: Coffee roasters

            I used to have all this information when I was working with Barazi Bezzera Coffee Machines I wonder where is it?

            Go to yellow pages, type coffee roasters, coffee machines, and you probably will have an idea. Be care full some companies have 2 to 4 different names but they are the same people. As well add to the list some of the new micro roasters or cafes that are roasting in there own premises this is a very growing trend in Australia.

            Other wise contact the association they should know or like Luca said contact Cafe Culture they probably will have a very good idea.

            Good luck let me know will be fun to know.




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              Re: Coffee roasters

              Commercial (whatever that means) or domestic?
              There are plenty of both here!

              With a username like domaca kava Ill assume domestic and take a wild guess at 1000 (which is growing all the time)

              For commercial the Yellow pages will give you a start although Avante own 100s of names in the Melbourne one and most the good coffee roasters I know are not in it.