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  • Your caffeine consumption

    I understand on average that theres about 50mg of caffeine in a 30 ml shot and a couple of websites Ive come across note that a moderate consumption of caffeine (300 - 400 mg /day) has no adverse health effects and some positive ones. Im sure the 300 - 400 mg daily amount varies per individual.

    Soooo, given the above, I was curious to know  how many milligrams of caffeine fellow Coffeesnobs believe they are consuming daily.

    If you are consuming more than 400 mg daily, have you noticed any sife affects from doing so?

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    Re: Your caffeine consumption

    Different coffees have different caffeine levels.
    Home roasted arabica may or may not have similar levels to a roast being used in a coffee shop.
    Or, there might be robusta in the blend that will increase the caffeine content.
    Different brewing methods can also change things up.

    There was quite a discussion on this site regarding measuring caffeine levels some time ago.

    So, given the starting point (a shot of coffee) is not really fixed, it makes it hard to have an accurate idea.


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      Re: Your caffeine consumption

      Very true, this is not very scientific only really after estimations. On that basis, lets also say that on average 240ml cup of brewed coffee has between 80 - 130 mg of caffeine.


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        Re: Your caffeine consumption

        I have 3 double shots a day and it has no adverse affect on me.

        Another factor is the size of the person.

        I weigh a smidge more than the average elevator passenger.


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          Re: Your caffeine consumption

          Lol Thunder... I had to have a look at work here just to refresh my memory on what weight that was.... on that basis, Im like 1.3 passengers.... :-[ Time to kick the new years resolution into gear.