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  • Water Question :S


    I have the rancilio silvia and I have been using a Brita water jug filter

    They claim that it softens the water and prevents scale build up in appliances..

    The problem is, is that its a hassle to fill up, it filters slowly and quite frankly, tastes horrible.

    I have this exact filter also..

    Ive tried researching to find out whether this water would hard or soft. I dont know much about what to look for though. They dont specifically say it softens the water. they say it removes heavy metals etc....

    Just wondering if theres anyone out there who knows there stuff about water and could take a look at that link and see if they can make sense of it :P:P

    Thanks alot,

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    Re: Water Question :S

    Hi Shimmy,

    I wouldnt neccessarily assume that this filter removes scale.

    My instinct is that it produces water which is nice to drink but probably doesnt remove calcium to any significant extent.

    Suggest you take some of the output to a pool shop and have it tested. They will be able to advise you...

    Good luck



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      Re: Water Question :S

      You dont say in which part of Oz you live but the local water authorities may have info online about water quality. Otherwise get it tested (as per what 2mcm suggested). How does the water you add to the tank taste?

      I would be chatting to experts like (site sponsor) Bombora about a better filtration system for your needs. I use an under sink filtration system similar to those shown.

      Sydney water is good out of the tap anyway.


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        Re: Water Question :S

        Hmmmm... thats a cool little filter.

        I drink Reverse Osmosis water with a UV setup.

        Get something to remove the fluoride & chlorine does the body good.

        For espresso related water FAQs

        Do a google search under

        "The Insanely Long Water FAQ"


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          Re: Water Question :S

          Having RO for your machine will cause the boiler to deteriorate.... Thats if your using your RO for your machine.

          Are RO systems with a calcite remineralizers good to use for the machine? Something like the omnipure calcite remineralizer/filter?


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            Re: Water Question :S

            Yes RO systems with remineralisers are good for the fact, you will find that it will clean out your boilers!

            I have heard of brand new FB80s straight out of the box run on RO systems that have cleaner boilers 1 year after use than when they first came out of the box.


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              Re: Water Question :S

              I put a cup of tap water with RO in my reservoir along with a pinch of baking soda to get

              my alkaline levels better.

              Following the long water faq. The gaggia boiler i have is aluminum.

              Im getting a new machine with a copper boiler and im glad this has come

              up ...i had no idea.

              I found this in regards to your comment:

              Most brands of RO system will reduce at least 85-90% of salts in water, so you can assume the water salts concentration would be about 1/9th of the content in the feed water. The aggressiveness of this purified water towards the materials into which it comes in contact is a function of its purity. The better the purity, the more its aggressiveness. Piping after an RO unit should therefore always be non-metallic. RO units will pass all the CO2 that is in the feed water. This means the water will be more corrosive. Dont use copper piping after any (brand of) RO system.

              Reinmineralisation and pH adjustment

              The desalinated water is very corrosive and is "stabilized" to protect downstream pipelines and storages usually by adding lime or caustic to prevent corrosion of concrete or cement lined surfaces. Liming material is used in order to adjust pH at 6.8 to 8.1 to meet the potable water specifications, primarily for effective disinfection and for corrosion control.