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  • Le Nez Du Cafe

    Just received my kit of essence.
    Le Nez Du Cafe
    Now I understand the massive difference between Black currant and Blackberry.
    I will be busy sniffing and recalling memories for sometime.
    "Teach your nose more than the tongue knows and both will follow".

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    Re: Le Nez Du Cafe

    That will be fun to play with.

    I remember Hazel having fun with me by giving me different scents to try and identify.

    The funniest one was the first one I was sure I knew.
    I said "freshly cut grass" and she said "no, dirt".
    To which I replied, "Ill have to tell the guy that cuts my lawn to raise the mower blades a bit."


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      Re: Le Nez Du Cafe

      Awesome, which one did you get (size)?


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        Re: Le Nez Du Cafe

        Id love to have a play around with one of those kits. Would be great in helping develop a better vocab for describing what you taste. I can often differentiate subtle tastes,but have no words to communicate them.


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          Re: Le Nez Du Cafe

          Originally posted by 54565A52525C5B46350 link=1236338501/3#3 date=1236491564
          Would be great in helping develop a better vocab for describing what you taste
          100 % true.  It has annoyed me for years listening to and reading flavour and aroma reviews.
          My tongue and nose could rarely agree.
          Wine has a long and approved history of  flavour and aroma profiles. I believe we often make up the terms used to discuss coffee (except Andy) but only because his nose knows.
          My confusion between Blackcurrant and Blackberry is due to rarely tasting either.
          Once I got the kit my memory kicked in to recalling picking over ripe blackberries in the Adelaide Hills as a kid. Now I understand that I would prefer Black berry over balckcurrant in my beans and wine.
          The caramel I know, Monin syrup, caramel doughnuts, caramel milkshakes have no resemblance to the true caramel of the burnt sugars in a coffee bean.
          New hobby evolving here.
          Tips- wash your hands free of detergents, dont smoke, brush your tongue and rinse your mouth with good water before sniffing these essences.