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Caffeine Hits New Highs at Sydney Reed Gift Fair

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  • Caffeine Hits New Highs at Sydney Reed Gift Fair

    Already one of the busiest exhibitions in Australia, the Sydney Reed Gift Fair was absolutely buzzing last month, with a record 18,097 coffees consumed during the five-day event.

    The tally was more than 10 per cent up on coffee consumption last year.

    But rather than attributing the increase to a general lack of sleep amongst exhibitors and attendees, the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre said the caffeine hit reflected the success of its new cappuccino machines installed last September.

    “Our new machines are fully automated and do all the grinding, tamping and infusing, which saves a lot of our guests waiting in line for a great cup of coffee,” Centre Food and Beverage Manager, John McLean said.

    “Guests at the Reed Gift Fair liked the coffee and they liked the speed with which it was delivered by our staff,” Mr McLean said.

    “Clearly the whole experience left them with a good taste, judging by the record sales!”

    Held February 21-25, the Reed Gift Fair attracts more than 800 exhibitors, making it one of the largest trade shows in Australia.

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    Re: Caffeine Hits New Highs at Sydney Reed Gift Fair

    If you have ever been to one of these fairs (the Melbourne one is bigger) they take nearly 2 full days to get around and the stalls become mind numbing even bad coffee is essential

    Last year at the Melbourne one they still had reasonable coffee served by Baristas who new a bit about the coffee :

    Hate to say it but the ratbag caterers are just trying to gouge more money for less staff