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Coffee Jobs for Baristi in Europe

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  • Coffee Jobs for Baristi in Europe

    Hi Everyone,

    Im new to this website and also relatively new to the world of coffee. I have developed a new love in my life which is coffee. I have been training working at my Mums cafe for the past month or so every day making every type of coffee. I have also started to perfect my latte art which I still get excited about. My question today is if anyone has done much travelling through Europe and found some good cafes & restaurants that have nice coffee...

    The places I will be visiting are: Serbia, Croatia, Italy, England, France, Spain, Portugal & Greece.

    If anyone has any recommendations from their journeys and searches of great coffees abroad, I would be extremely grateful to hear what you have come accross.

    I look forward to bearing from you guys soon!


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    Re: Coffee Jobs for Baristi in Europe

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs Trizo.

    I dont understand the subject (Coffee Jobs for Baristi in Europe) of your post.


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      Re: Coffee Jobs for Baristi in Europe


      I meant to say Cafe/Bar jobs for Baristi in Europe (should have said "jobs for Baristi in Europe"... I was just wondering if any coffee snobs around here may know of some well known cafes/restaurants in Europe (preferebly in the countries Ive mentioned). If anyone has any suggestions I would like to check them out and maybe even ask for a job if I like their coffee and the atmosphere!