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  • Espro and LaMarzocco

    I put out some emails the other day asking a few of our sponsors if they can match up some baskets with an espro for me. Veneziano in melbourne got back to me quicker than a I could kill a good Tokay, fitted me out with a full set of marzocco baskets and an espro convex tamper and even threw in a mighty good discount for a coffee snob member which they did off their own back. all up I am as happy as a coffee snob in coffee mwha ha ha hah ha ha ha.....  A slight adjustment to the gino rossi and hey presto were in heaven well almost anyway. I found some very good reading on another well trafficed site on flat and convex tampers and after some serious consideration i went with the convex, the article made a lot of sense to me, mind you it is a small convex and as mentioned in the article it is all thats needed. But all that matters to me is that it works heaps good and by the way I was tamping way too hard before the 30 lb indicating thingy set me straight. A family member sent me $50 for my 48th tomorrow so I put some extra with it and got this for my birthday present, so a mighty fine birthday present it is too....   8-)

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    Re: Espro and LaMarzocco

    So the elusive missing post is found

    I had a La Marzocco basket that was fitted to a Pullman flat tamper This was sold to a lucky CS member
    And like you ordered a convex tamper but a Pullman Barista fitted to a Synesso basket
    It makes perfect sense to match the profile of the Group Head water screen with the tamper one uses
    I know others will not agree, but the convex tamper works for me.

    P.S Happy Birthday


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      Re: Espro and LaMarzocco

      I remember that post!!

      In fact that was the post that convinced me that this tamper was a good idea.

      We got ours with the Bumper stand from Di Bartoli not long after. We got the flat one. Took one of the baskets along and was told the fit was fine. 8-)

      And like you Ray, prior to the Espro I was tamping way too hard... ;D