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GET FUSSY - if i could i really would

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  • GET FUSSY - if i could i really would

    A Barista asked me today, How do you like your coffee, Sir?
    My mind raced. I thought is he serious?
    Could I get fussy?
    Within seconds I ummed and arred, thinking-
    Can you backflush the grouphead with water?
    Could you pull the basket out and clean it?
    Can you give the group handle a quick rinse?
    Can you rinse the crusty milk off the jug and open a new bottle for me?
    What beans are you using?
    When were they roasted?
    What is the extraction rate of your doppio?
    Can you adjust the grind?
    Can you grind fresh to order?
    Can I smell the steam, does it stink?
    Can you heat my cup?
    Am I holding up the queue?
    Yes, my fussy head said.
    After a few seconds of thought, I fussed out with beliefs of impossibility and just ordered a double shot latte with less milk than normal and a little hotter than coffee science suggests.
    Pretty good all up
    Gotta get Fussy.

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    Re: GET FUSSY - if i could i really would

    oh and could you please not wipe the rim of my demi with your hand? thanks


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      Re: GET FUSSY - if i could i really would

      I took my mum and son to a cafe recently, it was a lovely place, good food, good atmosphere, my traditional short macchiato was b......y terrible but I wasnt going to say anything.....but the barista came and asked how my trad mach was, I hesitated for a while not wanting attract attention, but he insisted so I told him "it was too hot, overextracted, bitter, no crema, no body" he offered my another but I declined when leaving he handed me back the $3.50 I had paid for it. Couldnt wait to get home and have a decent java!!


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        Re: GET FUSSY - if i could i really would

        probably not the "fine thanks" that he was expecting.

        I watched 1 barista one day try and do the right thing by cleaning out the PF of coffee reminents, pity she used her fingers, not a cloth....