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  • Newly registered to the site...

    ...and thanks very much for being welcomed into larger than life Australia!  

    Having read most of Javaphiles engaging story on the purchase of his old coffee roaster down (¿ or is it up?) in Laredo, TX, I thought Id join-in on this particular bunch of espresso, here I am.
    Belgian, male,  married, 56, 2 boys (17 & 19, dreaming of motorcycles), 1 large dog (husky cum saint-Bernard), 1 ECM Giotto, 1 Macap M5 (with dozer), 1 Thor tamper, no roaster...
    Into espresso since about 6 months (have to drink it at home, mostly...)
    My favorite coffee remains the "café con leche" I often drank in Spain.  So I self-decided that I needed an espresso machine to replicate that (which appears to be untrue, in fact).  My home "café con leche" is probably better than most in Spain; other than that, I try to make ristrettos (which I drink with "aspartame" sweetener, as Im diabetic).  Some day, Ill get into roasting.  

    So, thanks again and...nice to meet you.

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    Re: Newly registered to the site...

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs Paul. Im glad you enjoyed the roaster story. Ill be posting more on it here in the next couple of weeks or so hopefully so stay tuned. ;D

    Java "Loves a good story" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Re: Newly registered to the site...

      Yes, Java,
      The story of the roaster story that is, in fact, a road story, if not a roadster story...