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Green Bean Stock Levels

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  • Green Bean Stock Levels

    During the CoffeeSnob get together at Monte Coffee we were talking about how much coffee is held by members at home.

    So the question; what is the size of your current green bean stash/stock?

    I did a stock take during the week and had 24 varieties with a total mass of 68.9kgs!!  
    That’s about 2.5 years supply at current usage!!


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    Re: Green Bean Stock Levels

    Geez! Im only carrying bout 8kg, but I also missed the last poll (coz Im a spaz). :-?

    Should be up over 10 next month!


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      Re: Green Bean Stock Levels

      2 kg Brazil Blue
      1 Kg Uganda Organic Okoro White Nile
      100g? Jamaican Blue Mountain (the coffee we got at Monte)

      (about 2 months worth in our household)

      When I heard some of the quantities some guys had in storage, I felt so small... :-[


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        Re: Green Bean Stock Levels

        Ive got about 100 kgs across about 25 origins! Four years worth at current consumptions rates!

        I think that my greed gets the better of me. I cant seem to "walk past" a poll of a new SO without picking some up Ahhh well, therere worse problems to have I am sure...


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          Re: Green Bean Stock Levels

          Hmm.. Id have to look tonight to be more specific, but the origins I have from memory

          Bali Shinzan
          Bali Gunung
          Peru Kontiki
          Peru Grace Estate
          Columbian Supremo
          Kenya Masai
          Indian Tiger Mountain
          Indian Mosooned Malobar
          El Salvador
          PNG Sigri
          Sumatran Mandeling
          Ethiopian Harrar (Hurrah!)

          And Im sure theres a few Ive forgotten.
          Also got 100grams or less of 3 or 4 others.

          Probably got around 60-70 kgs of beans. Was looking at my storage the other night and decided I need to take another shelf in the shed. Ive got some coffees I havent even opened yet. I must back off the polls for a month or 2



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            Re: Green Bean Stock Levels

            37 beans and 2 teas but most are at dangerously low levels... honest!
            Managing to keep the total under 50kg at the moment but it’s just so hard… They all sound so tasty. In my house 50kg is only about 1 years worth anyway! :


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              Re: Green Bean Stock Levels

              I think Ive got about 8kgs so far... but im only new to this home roasting game, so Im sure that my stash will grow far beyond that!


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                Re: Green Bean Stock Levels

                Hhhmm....We had a poll going about this now where did it run off to and hide.....

                AhHa! There it is!

                Ive made it a sticky post so it will remain at the top of the forums listing of threads.

                Let the voting begin! eeerrrrr.....Continue!

                Java "More beans Scotty! I must have more beans!" phile
                Toys! I must have new toys!!!