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  • Re Tamping problems

    All of a sudden I have a few tamping problems or so it seems.
    I recently had a replacement Sunbeam Grinder and that seems to be working ok now. However shots seems to be running too quick and I noticed a bit of channelling in puck. Also I think possibly the tamped grounds may be a bit lopsided in PF prior to pouring shot. I dont think I have changed my tamping method. I fill up PF level off, tap slighty and lay tamper lightly in PF fill up again level off and then tamp firmly.

    Maybe I am unconciously pressing down too hard  when doing final tamp.

    Any suggestion as to what might have changed as prior to this my pours were nice and slow and within the 25 to 35 second range.


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    Re: Re Tamping problems

    Channeling would indicate a possible change by you unless of course it was there before and you just didnt previously notice.

    The new grinder is different.
    Dont think because its the same make and model that its identical.
    Sunbeam have had quality issues lately; hence them sending out a lot of washers to adjust the grind.

    My old EM0450 didnt need any and neither did anyone elses bought around the same time.

    I think an indication of how bad that problem is, is the fact that they sent me some washers when sending me something else, even though there was no discussion of any grind adjustment problem.

    It reads to me like your new grinder is not set fine enough.

    Try grinding a bit finer.
    The other option, if you have room in the basket, is to add a bit more coffee.
    Both of those things will slow down the pour.

    DONT do both at once in the first instance.

    Only change one thing at a time.


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      Re: Re Tamping problems

      I just bought an EM0480 yesterday (from Myers Melb) and had to set it down to 7 to get the right espresso grind (for use with my el cheapo but good Breville cafe Roma w non-pressured basket), even though the manual says set it around 12.



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        Re: Re Tamping problems

        Originally posted by 554F4B49484B434A44260 link=1241661356/2#2 date=1241666130
        even though the manual says set it around 12
        Fear not SiM, burr vs setting calibration for the EM480 is quite poor. Many (including myself) have had to add one to two spacers (supplied by Sunbeam but can be bought from Bunnings if urgent) to get the burrs in the zone. Its an easy fix if required but the upshot of it is, adjust your grind based on the shot, not the numeric scale on the grinder.

        Happy grinding.


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          Re: Re Tamping problems

          Originally posted by 7963676564676F66680A0 link=1241661356/2#2 date=1241666130
          even though the manual says set it around 12.
          Yeah, ignore that - we are on 9 with the bean currently in the grinder, have been as low as 7 and as high as 12.

          Base it all off a happy shot.


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            Re: Re Tamping problems

            12 used to be correct back when I bought mine.
            But it looks like their Quality Assurance has taken a big dive since then.


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              Re: Re Tamping problems

              Im grinding at the high end with my EM0480 - settings of around 19 to 21 offer a fine enough grind for espresso. The recommended range tends to chocke the machine.


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                Re: Re Tamping problems

                Using a problem-solving approach, if you eliminate the things that you are doing the same as before, then the problem must be with the other variables - grind or beans. I find that small variations in any one of the variables ( bean, grind, tamp, dose ) all have a noticeable effect on the quality of the pour. Occasionally I will tamp a bit light and the flow is too fast & insipid. Too big a dose and the machine protests as it trys to push the water through the puck, but delivers a beautiful rich shot. In my house, the people drinking their coffee with milk get the slightly inferior shots (if I can manage it).
                I do all my tamping in one go - load the basket, tap it down on the mat & then tamp it in one go. Works for me.