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Clean water for boiler unit

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  • Clean water for boiler unit

    Hi Guys,

    Im using an HX boiler unit (Expobar office SA) which has an in line water filter. Im sure by now the resin is depleted, but being somewhat lazy I cant be bothered ordering a replacement filter. I decided to buy a BRITA filtration jug as they are readily available in local supermarkets. Will the BRITA filters sufficiently remove metal ions and damage inducing water impurites? They certainly make these claims. Penny for your thoughts...


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    Re: Clean water for boiler unit

    Hi there
    I dont know the full details of what they remove but many people here use a brita jug, myself included. I have had my machine about 2.5 years now and have always used a brita jug with it. When the unit was serviced after about 1.5 years is was told that there was very minimal scale in the machine.

    I am sure someone will be along with a more technical knowledge but from all i have read here on the forums, a brita or proprietary inline solution is the way to go.



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      Re: Clean water for boiler unit

      Ive used the Brita exclusively on my machine for the last two years but by probably not being as diligent as I should in replacing the cartridges, a recent service showed that a fair amount of scale did build up.

      Im sure it would have been a lot worse if I hadnt been filtering the water.

      As for your inline filter, it just needs to be recharged by soaking it in a brine solution before rinsing thoroughly and putting it back in place.