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Thermos 1 or 2 cup

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  • Thermos 1 or 2 cup

    My CS brethren
    My wife will no longer buy coffee in the city where she works so she abstains until she gets home

    I am trying to find a quality Thermos that is small and compact to fit inside an already crammed shoulder bag in the size of 1 cup but if not available a 2 cup will be OK

    Obviously it needs to be leak proof and keep the heat in

    So far I have looked about and can only find fat small units or tall skinny units >

    I prefer a small skinny unit so it will fit in her bag with ease
    This way she can take a great coffee to work made with love from home. :

    Can you help


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    Re: Thermos 1 or 2 cup

    Try a Camping goods store..