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  • Hi and Hello- Long intro

    Names Tepin, well not really but thats a small wild Chile I persevere in trying to grow to preserve the strain..
    Published Author in Tropical Fruit news -An Article on Banana Growing in Eastern Oz in Sclerelogical soils
    Anyway im up on the northern side of Coffs Harbour NSW..
    Im 51
    Working - self employed - Painting - Commercial only- fix up of others stuff ups often- its where age, experience and cunning count.. or words to that effect..
    My Coffee background, Polish Born drank Tea and real Coffee,
    Nzed intro to instant-Bleech-Oz -Gold Goast 67 Pablo instant Bleech again-hey it was popular and Cheep there..
    First Job Brought Mum a Spong Grinder for Xmas, Work etc, married Aluminium Neapolitan pot ..
    Mum got sent an Atomic from Aunt in Genoa/ Mine now..
    Tahiti 24 yrs ago Met a Young Italian Guy from Sydney, Dad owned "the" Coffee Shop in Darlinghurst, Visited often over the next few years, Best effort was 11 Short Blacks in 2 hours then walking out into the bright sunlight, Ouch..
    Coffs Harbour 23 yrs ago Arrived and met a Guy from Melb who had just shifted up and set up a Coffee Shop. 2 Group Gaggia, also Gaggia Agent for area through Coffee Mio..
    Short Black Rennaisance.. 13 yrs {Kel got his beans Roasted weekly in Melb Tues, Airfeighted Wed }
    we were drinking great shots till Sat, He sold out and went into Real Estate and went off Coffee.. {Hes back on it now Fwiw)
    Anyway to cut a long story short , Kel sold me a MAS home espresso Machine some 16 or so years ago, and its still going strong.. Joe the Guy who took over from Kel is getting out of the Centre and I casually mentioned to him that if he had a Machine for sale I might be interested if it was Cheep, He said do you want Kels old Gaggia as when i did a refurb it was easier to buy a new Machine than send this back to get a Major service- Hello?
    I Jumped and picked it up after the usual cooling off period 2 weeks - No Cost..
    The Machine has 1 Broken /missing Knob 1 missing Bolt and a cracked piece of Ally on the side. No Tamper, I may yet be able to get his Grinder for a reasonable price in August..
    I Plan to Pull this down and Clean then possibly either put a displacement in the boiler or make a smaller Boiler and Element for it - We have the Technologyand Expertise locally in a Pistol Club I am the Hon Sec for .
    Wife is already asking questions as to why I am measuring the Kitchen Benches up and looking under them (Pump Unit) - SHe knows I still have a Large slab of Black Granite outside and thinks Im going to stuff up the Colour scheme of the Laminex <G>
    I have Contacted Frank Berra at Coffee Mio in Melb and he got back to me 3 hours after I sent him an Email telling me that manuals were not available but he was willing and able to help me with parts and advice..
    Anyway on returning from the Bottlo with a 6 pack Of XXXX -Sorry its a Qld thing I was waved over by a Neighbour - Helmut the Austrian about 5 houses down 2-3 homebrew dark beer longknecks later I noticed some Beans drying on a Spring mattress in his Garage, Noe Helmut has a farm he plays with when hes not Bricklaying in Sydney and around the State..
    He has 40 trees about 20 ks north of here and was working this year when harvest time came around -Oct/Nov..
    Next year Im on It ..
    He is Roasting over a Pan and pouring through a Filter , so I might just play with some of his beans and run them through my MAS
    He soaked for 2 days then put the beans in a Hessian sack and bashed them against a Brick wall to get the majority of husk off ..

    Chile Nazi - This I know Best -
    Coffee Nazi
    and general dogsbody- I drive a Ute
    Holden Rodeo 88

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    Re: Hi and Hello- Long intro

    Hi Tepin

    Welcome to the boards , look forward to read some of your postings



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      Re: Hi and Hello- Long intro

      CIao Paul,
      ks for the welcome,
      150 days since last post "bad you"<G>


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        Re: Hi and Hello- Long intro

        Hi Tepin,
        tis an amazing first post.  Great reading and I have to make comment on the "drying on a Spring mattress in his Garage"... its not a form of processing that Im familiar with but the "Hessian sack and bashed them against a Brick wall" makes a lot of sense.

        The machine sounds like a great score, I hope you can sneek that past the missus and then bolt it firmly to the laminex bench (thus making removal messy)

        We will have to get you drinking better coffee and better beer (called XXXX because you aint allowed to call that muck beer) (I cleaned that one up a tad!)

        Tepin... nasty little chillis for sure. Im a chilli-head (and Im sure there were a few others here too from memory). I have some black-tigers that Im nursing, some big-jims and an assortment of thai/birdeye/numex twilight colourful and bitey ones in the garden. I would guess they would be a whole lot easier to grow in your part of Oz (can be a little cool here for them).

        Like Paul, I can see your posts are going to informitive and interesting....

        Welcome aboard


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          Re: Hi and Hello- Long intro

          I found this site when looking for some direction on refurbing the Gaggia, its probably worth a look as its a highly informative..