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CHocolate Salami? - Yeah i Know WTF

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  • CHocolate Salami? - Yeah i Know WTF

    This is a Bloody good recipe from three monkeys online

    Recipe for Salame di Cioccolata (Chocolate Salami)

    Author: Franita in the Kitchen

    WOW, this has to be my favourite dessert! And it is the first dish that all children learn how to make, unless they are glued to TV or to a computer screen all day.
    My mum used to make it when we were kids, and she would give us one thin slice each, every night, until there was no more left in the freezer. I still have scratches on my arms from fighting with my sister over the last one, the so-called culetto del salame, the bum of the salami.
    The recipe below is for two ca-20-cm-long salamis.

    What you need :

    250 gr. non-salted butter
    5 abundant spoons of bitter cocoa powder
    15 Digestive biscuits
    125 gr. of almonds and pistachios
    brandy or rum or Irish whiskey - 50 mls
    100 gr sugar (optional)- use it

    How you do it:

    Work hard the butter (which you will have kept outside the fridge for at least an hour) with the chocolate powder and the sugar (if you really have a sweet tooth). Crush the biscuits and chop the dry fruit, and add them both to the buttery mix, along with the spirit of your choice. Amalgamate very delicately. Pour the mix on greaseproof paper or a sheet of buttered tin foil, and give it the shape of a big sausage, or in fact a salami!

    Put the dessert in the freezer to harden it, but remember to take it out at least an hour before you intend to serve it. It can be store in the fridge for a few days, if it lasts that long, that is.

    It makes for a refined dessert if you serve three slices in a big plate with whipped cream or vanilla ice-cream on the side. Don’t forget to sprinkle with chocolate powder and finely chopped pistachios!

    WHat Tepin does is add Currants 100g and home made candied orange /Mandarin Peel 100g
    1 cup strong espresso and add 1 extra tbs Cocoa and 5 digetive biscuits..


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    Re: CHocolate Salami? - Yeah i Know WTF

    Tried to Modify but got the dreaded 1 day so Ill clarify the 1 cup
    thats 1 Espresso shot.. Small Cup small shot