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  • Wild and Woolly Pour!

    Hi fellow snobs!
    Just a query - after running more than 2 kg of beans from two different suppliers through the new machine and grinder combo, and getting lovely consistent, beautifully flavoured honey like pours, Ive gone to a fresh batch from a third supplier, and have a very interesting result in the pour. It starts nice and slowly, lovely tiger striping, but whereas with previous beans the second half of the pour has been consistent in size and shape (can you descibe a liquid pour like this ?! ;D) but slowly reducing in colour, this lot seems to explode with crema? Seems to double in volume, creamy in colour, but not gushing? And in the cup from a double basket, Ill have almost 3/4 crema till it settles, then usual proportions. Still tastes great, just interesting to watch!
    Anyone else experienced this?


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    Re: Wild and Woolly Pour!

    Do you know the roasted on date?
    One possibility is that the beans are very fresh.
    I sometimes get this kind of pour if using some beans in the first 3 days after roasting.
    Another possibility could be the presence of robusta in the blend?
    I dont use robusta in my blends (yet), but one of the reasons it is used in some blends is to increase crema.


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      Re: Wild and Woolly Pour!

      Agreed with the freshness comment,

      Tried some 2 (hour) old beans yesterday. Crema spilling over the sides.

      Someone told me it was what happens with beans before they outgassed - No idea of the truth of that statement though.


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        Re: Wild and Woolly Pour!

        Thanks for that. Dont know the roasted date, but it was supplied by a sponsor, so Im glad that it is an over-freshness issue, if that IS actually an issue! Will keep you informed about progress as the week progresses. Still tastes fanstastic - just made me look twice!


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          Re: Wild and Woolly Pour!

          Hi DBC,
          Sounds like really freshly roasted beans to me, although certain SO beans can act in this manner. Ive just finished my first batch of Sulawesi Rante Kapua Torajah from a recent BB and they acted much as you described and they were 2.5 weeks post roast. Tasted wonderful too.



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            Re: Wild and Woolly Pour!

            Hi all
            Beans have well and truly settled now - much more consistent pour - and still taste just as good!